22 August 2008

Pondering.... career + baby

With the adoption delay, I have been keeping myself busy with my work. And GIRL, have I been busy! I just did a show, The American Craft Show at Fort Mason in San Francisco selling my jewelry and whew what a lot of work.

Women friends of mine who have had their babies and are still running their business.... I AM WATCHING YOU CLOSELY. How is it possible to fit the new little one into an already busy life?

I'd love to hear from you mothers.... from both kinds....those who work & those who are raising their babies without following a career path. What do you love about your life? What do you miss? What can you share? And how do you do it all or why are you glad you don't do it all?

I know that babies just manage to fit into our lives, but some days I just wonder how it will all work out? After the weeks I've just had, staying home with 2 kids seems pretty relaxing. (in theory)

I'm still madly looking forward to meeting baby o....but some days I bet even when they are in your arms, you still wonder. How will it all turn out?

Well I'm off to Hawaii to ponder this question some more. Maybe the moist, flowery Hawaiian air will give me some insight. I know the last post I was laying in a hammock but really I didn't get enough.


***baby shoes above, brought to you by my beautiful & creative adopted niece Anu & her lovely, thoughtful mom Elaine. They are just back from a trip to visit Anu's birth land, Nepal. Anu is also excited to meet her cousin baby o...the next adopted member of our family. Anu is trying to guess baby o's future name.

I'll never tell.

We are all waiting for you baby o!

08 August 2008

Low Down on the Slow Down...

There has been a slow down with the adoptions from Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrg. government is putting in place new members on their adoption committee and that is changing the regulations or making them more strict. I don't want to post too many details because there is so much information out there & I'm not sure what is true and what is not. But what I do know is it taking sometime for things to fall into place and get the adoptions going on a regular track again. Our agency won't get any referrals until October and haven't had any this summer.

I also know is that 'baby o' will be coming much later than we expected. Now we think we may not travel on our first trip until early 2009. Which is when we had hoped to have her home. So I am a bit sad that we will wait longer.

Sometimes I forget we are even on this journey...although I think of her everyday, even though I have not meet her........ The sky always gives me comfort even on a gray day.

One place the sky is always so beautiful and filled with light is Santa Fe, New Mexico. We just returned from a long weekend to celebrate Eric's birthday and visit dear friends. They have a beautiful, restful home. So talk about slow down....well we did & it was just what we needed!

I always love the way the sky meets the land in Santa Fe. Just the sight of this beauty reminds me that life and relationship are a spiritual journey and this I must keep in mind while waiting for our baby o.
baby o will come when she is ready...

05 August 2008


We had our first Bay Area Kyrgyzstan Entourage BBQ last week. It was great to meet some of the other families in our area and share stories. There are 3 families in the Bay Area that have brought home babies...quickly turning into kids. And around 7 or 8 families waiting.......for our referrals.

Both Eric & I really enjoyed meeting everyone & starting this Kyrgy community. That is what I love about the Bay Area. You can always find someone to share in your hopes & dreams.

Now meet some of the Kyrgy kids:
Dylan, now 10 months old and back just a few months. Son of Ivy & Bill.
On the left with the wine....Suzanne our gracious host, waiting to bring home her Matilda,
trip #2 soon to come for her. Right Ivy & Dylan.
Suzanna & Isabel (sisters) daughters of Tina & Art.
Suzanna is a great big sister to Issy....what a sweet pair they were.

And Jack the little blond Russian-Kyrgy boy sharing with Issy...they are both 2 and
Me getting a baby fix with Dylan.

And last but not least....the beautiful colors of the Kyrgy feast.