29 September 2010

My little marsh-mellow sits up!

Just a few days ago Ando learned to sit up. He is a few days away from his 7 month birthday. Like everyone says......it goes SO fast! Where did my baby go? We are working on crawling next. He seems to want to go straight to walking but the osteopath and other experts say that crawling is the main function that integrates the right and left brain. Eric is setting up a morning obstacle course that Ando must finish before he get's his 8am bottle.

Now if you want to see the sitting in action check out my little marsh-mellow's balance. This is only after a few days of sitting. It is amazing how each day he learns a little bit more about his body and his coordination. Good job Andosan! I think he's happy about this new accomplishment.

07 September 2010

Andosan on the Cashmere Trail

Ando is six months old. He is going to be ACTIVE. He is not crawling yet but check this out. He has found his own way to get from point A to B. Gotta watch him of he'll be in Nevada before I know it.

This months check up.....
Weight 17 lbs 10 oz 60%
Length 24.5" 80%
Head....ah over 100% ( A Powell for sure!)

Good job Ando. Keep growing & keep going!