29 November 2008

Thankful Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving always makes me reflective on what I am thankful for. I am thankful for my family & Eric's & my friends & all my extended family. ( Including friends) We spent Thanksgiving up at Eric's dads in gold country out in rural Placerville and enjoyed just slowing down, seeing family & of course eating.

We found this beautiful leave on our country walk. I love the way that the bugs have eaten through this leaf. Ahhhh nature!

I love this holiday because it involves family, friends and/or any combination of the above, it is a holiday that to me is very inclusive.

I wish baby o were here to meet everyone. I'm planning on checking in with my agency this next week to see what is really happening with this slow down once again. What a ride this international adoption is!

And so starts the holiday season. Warm wishes to ya all, and thanks for checking in! We thought we'd have at least met baby o by now but then again....life isn't always the way you would have planned it. Is it?

I guess I just need stay focused on what I am thankful for and keep on waiting......

06 November 2008


Barack Obama with his mother

I can only imagine what it feels like to be a proud parent. I have been a teacher and also had many young people work for me. I have been so proud of their accomplishments while under my wing.

What would it be like to see you child become President? Cross racial boundaries, inspire the young, empower others and create a loving family. Not to mention deal with other with such integrity.

I do know what it is like to be multi-racial. I do know that baby o will be muti-national. I do love that Barack Obama will represent our nation in the upcoming years. I am so happy. I am so proud. I love diversity.

Barack Obama has inspired the world. It is quite a time in the world. I am glad "baby o" will grow up with Obama as our President.

What if every child had the confidence to be who they wanted to be?

Do I hold hope for Obama's presidency.......I do. But getting there was more than half the battle.

President elect Barack Obama has already changed the world in many ways. I think baby o will be really happy too!