17 January 2009

The future of "baby o"...

What lies ahead for the future of baby o?

Our agency thinks that the international adoption process will start to resume in Kyrgyzstan this month. I have also heard other speculations that it may take until spring for things to get up to speed. I really, really hope not! I do have faith that I am with a good agency and whatever is possible they are doing.

I thank you all for checking in on us. Yes the wait is long & although I try to stay busy with my art work & my life, I'm definitely in a waiting stage, thinking of a sweet baby in my arms often.

Anu, my niece on Eric's side of the family, did a drawing of herself and baby o. Anu envisions baby o's skin to be a nice peachy color while hers is a gorgeous brown. I would say that Anu and baby o are seen here in the future. I love their very glamorous dresses. Hmmmh maybe she will take after me.

Anu was adopted from Nepal and is VERY excited for baby o. Her mom tells me she did a school report on baby o last year. So as you can see I am not the only one who is excited and looking forward to meeting her.

Anu has shown a great talent for the visual arts and I had been asking her for awhile to draw a picture of baby o. Thanks so much Anu!

OK, well I guess back to waiting.....and life....and this gorgeous Californian weather! It's January right?