22 March 2010

Birth Group Gathering...

Sunday we hosted our birth group gathering, couples we learned how to prepare for birth + babies! It was so fun to meet all the little ones after the awaited arrival and birth preparation. Two couples couldn't make it but here is the group shot of the babies and some shots from the day. We hope to all meet up again. It would be fun to see the little ones grow.

We ate and shared birth stories. We all made it. All vaginal births & healthy babies! We did it!!!!

Where's Ando you might ask? He is the little one being crushed second from the right? Meet Acacia, Leo, Neko, Anna, Ando & Teagan.

Some of these photos are take by Julie Kay in our group, who has an interesting photography business which documents life through photographs and sound.

15 March 2010

Our First Days Back Home

Baby Ando is doing just great! He is mostly a happy calm & happy boy. He gets a little fussy at nighttime but not always and he lets us sleep with maybe a 3-4am wake up and then again at 6-7am. I have learned to breast feed lying down so I can usually just fall asleep with him. The early days I would just lay awake and look at him in all his perfectness and pure energy. I can't believe he is finally here. The days have been sweet and simple learning to take care of him and recovering myself.

He was in a really good mood the other day. Here are photos of him on day 10. Quite a little model, although after this shoot he broke out in baby acne, so his perfect skin is also adjusting to life out of the womb. He had the hiccups in the photo above and that was just cracking himself up. He is quite an alert baby and we joke about how "advanced" he is when ever he accomplishing anything. Like when his umbilical cord feel off day 3. "Oh your so advanced Ando." Ha,ha. Don't we all like to think that about our kids.

I have had a fair adjustment back. My first days were rather rough. My labor was so fast that I honestly could not process it all. And found my body and mind in knots for days afterwards. I am going to write about my birth story soon, but with the fast delivery my body could not relax and it took me 4 days until I could actually sleep at night. I'd lay there exhausted and couldn't sleep. Which leads a gal feeling crazy, not to mention the uber hormones you have running through your body. But after "my team" of support came rushing over, my naturopath Carol, my friend Jaymie giving me a massage, my sister-in-law, Diane, coming over to do some cranial sacral work my body slowly remembered how to relax. Not to mention the help of my mother in law Carla, the Lactation Consutant, Katie and my doula Felicia. It was a whirl wind of support and I needed it.Not to mention Eric who was amazing! Finally I could sleep, process the birthing and my milk came in. It was rough. But now I think we are on an uphill slant. No one ever tells you about the post partum stuff but it can be hard mixed with a blissed out feeling. Breastfeeding is my middle name, I think we participate in this sport 6+hours a day. But it gives me lots of time to bond with him. I am so grateful I am feeling better and can now enjoy my boy.

We were playing a game the other day where I'd hold him up and then drop him down. He liked it. He really looks deeply into your eyes. He is an intense little soul. I think he has a version of my eyes, my nose, and my dad's ears. He definitely is a blend of both Eric and me but we are still trying to form in words what he has of Eric's. I see his intense look in his eyes as Eric's and something about his forehead. It will be great to see him grow and evolve.

We have had a lot of visitors to introduce them to Ando, it has been really fun to hang out with people and share this little guy and be brought all these yummy meals. We are so lucky to have you here Ando! Please don't grow up too fast!

12 March 2010

We are so in love with our little tiger-fish!

We are in the early days of bliss meeting our boy. I am processing the birth, it all happened so fast, maybe too fast if that is possible. In between the sleep deprivation, we are getting our new routines down and learning how to care for this little earthling. He is so tiny and beautiful! I can't wait until I have some time to write his birth story.....and now for some photos. More later.

I love my tiger-fish!
(Just before we left the hospital) I can't believe I get to take this baby home!

We are home baby Ando.

Baby Ando loves sleeping on us! Espically Papa! I'm still a little to sore to enjoy this but little do you know Eric has Ando on his chest and our cat Jaguar under his knees. Eric's boys...

Baby Ando at 1 week....it's already going so fast!

07 March 2010

Ando Mika Higashi Powell


Ando Mika Higashi Powell
03 . 03 . 10

6 lbs 11 ounces

Pisces / Year of the Tiger

We are well & adjusting into our new life. I had a super short (intense) natural birthing under 4 hours! Our baby was almost born on the way to the hospital! We are in bliss, he is an amazing boy!

With love to all of you for all your support & good wishes!

April, Eric & Ando

Ando / pronounced (ahn-doe)/Japanese for Peaceful & Stable, also means East.
安(an) = peace, stable
東(dou, higashi) = east

Mika / pronounced (mee-ka)/Japanese for New Moon. (We were married on Winter Solstice '06, Wedding Party on Summer Solstice '07, Doctor called us to tell us we were pregnant after 6.5 years on Summer Solstice '09!)

01 March 2010

40 Weeks ~ Today is my due date!

Today is my little Tiger-Fish's due date: 03 . 01 . 2010

I'm feeling amazingly calm and grounded especially after being so impatient the last few weeks. You might not know this but I've been waiting for my baby for 6 1/2 years now. We made it to 40 weeks! A major milestone.

Not much longer.....I can't wait to meet you my little guy! You can't stay in there forever, we are all waiting for you!