20 February 2011

Family of three.

It feels good to be a little family of three. Ando is weeks away from turning one. He is crawling up stairs at a rapid pace and keeping us SO busy. I can hardly get anything done. He adds joy to our lives and makes plenty of guest appearances in the gallery and in the studio. It is one big barrel of monkeys over here. I never thought I'd learn to live with an element of constant chaos. Well what choice do I have? He teaches me new things every day. Stay present!

A day in the life goes like this.... Yesterday while I was in the gallery, in the backroom my goldsmith Chris was there, Fiona my gallery assistant was in doing enamels and Shaya my other gallery assistant was in photographing work. Eric was doing a drawing for a new gate and Ando was crawling around amongst everyone playing with an extension cord. (unplugged) I'd bring Ando in the gallery to say hi to clients and then set him back with Papa. See what I mean creative chaos.