04 November 2010

Happy Owloween + Fall Days

Happy Owloween! Hoo Hoo.
Fall has come and our little owl is 8 months old. He is getting not one, but two teeth in the bottom front of his mouth. He hardly complained as the teeth were breaking the surface. Not that he has not had discomfort but he has been pretty tough with this new occurrence. You can feel them coming in but barely see the little white teeth surfacing. He is sitting up sturdily, very curious and grabs at everything in sight. He loves to try to be a big boy and drink out of a glass cup. Tummy time is more bearable but he is still quickly flipping over again to his back, he is still not ready to crawl. Maybe we should enjoy the peace of mind that where you set down Ando he stays put.

Fall has come and Papa continues to film him in daily life. Here is a sweet video of Ando discovering the bamboo leaves in our backyard. Of course the end of every story is that everything must go in his mouth. All of his little happens are such a joy to witness.