19 December 2010

9 Months Update

Our little lad. He was 9 months when these photos were taken thereabouts. Ando is getting more personality every day. We are often amazed at what a happy baby this guy is. He loves engaging with people, even strangers, slowly breaks into a mischievous smile when they look at him. He loves the attention and can't figure out when people just pass him by. He'll give me a look like "what's wrong with them?"

Last week we went to his 9 month old check up. His current stats: 29 3/4" in height 90%. Last month he grew over 1.5" in under a month. ouch! Like bamboo, I swear I can just sit and watch him grow.

Weight 23.8 lbs 80%. Yes my back is killing me. He is heavy! There is part of me that will be happy when he starts walking so he can pull his own weight. Seriously no one ever told me how hard it is to lug a kid around. Vilma his nanny calls him her "little rock", she is even wearing a special belt around her waist to pick him up. I hear ya sista!

55cm head 100% + + +, my kids got lots of brains in there and don't you forget it! Last month at Thanksgiving he might have said his first word. We were sitting around with the Powell's talking head size and Ando says....."Ea-da". Everyone turned and said together. "He said HEAD!" The jury's still out but that would sure be funny.

Ando is on the move by scooting and one might call it a semi-crawl. He likes to pull himself into standing position and have you walk him around the room. He has a walker and chases the cats. The cats look at me like HOLY SHIT now were really in trouble. Every day he is more and more mobile. With all his new activity, the good news is that he is only waking up 2x a night. Good for mama!

Ando can also play quietly by himself with his blocks and his toys on a blanket. When I walk by he says "Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" and throws both his hands in the air. It is so sweet to see him break into a big smile when he sees it's me. This look must warm every mothers heart! He is also learning to wave and that is super sweet.