31 October 2011

Halloween 2011: A Circus of Trouble

"A Striped Gato" and "A Dandelion Turned to Seed" go looking for trouble at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, CA on Halloween Eve with their parents. Ando and Uli continue their adventures growing up as toddlers in Berkeley CA. The boys have know each other all their lives and then some.

More photos: Halloween 2011, a set on Flickr.

+ more here from the likes of the dandelion named Uli.

Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 30Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 1Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 2Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 9Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 8Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 10

Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 3Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 4Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 5Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 6Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 7Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 11
Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 12Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 14Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 13Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 16Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 15Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 17

Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 18Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 19Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 20Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 21Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 22Ando_Gato_Halloween_2011 25

27 October 2011

France: Paris + Provence

We just returned from Paris & Provence.  Our first major family trip abroad.  More to come but here is a taste of Paris!

Babbling & Talking...

Ando's babbling is turning into words.  It's so great that he is starting to communicate.  I can tell he is so proud of himself that he can start telling us what he wants and what he is thinking.   I wanted to document some of his talking while I remember so here are some notes that maybe more interesting later than now.

First word:"Esta" spanish for "This is" Vilma taught him this by saying "Esta la luce" or "This is a light" Ando first thought Esta was a light and would point saying Esta at every light.  On another note we thought he was saying Ed-a and maybe his first word was Head. Which would have been funny but it was definitely Esta.

Next words:
"Nana" for Banana, his first favorite fruit.
"Ball" he loves to throw with Papa, the only problem when he first learned this word is he couldn't understand why you could throw a ball but not throw everything else.
"Gato" for cat in Spanish. He still says this even is you say cat he says "gato" he'll also call a little cat gatolita.
"Agua" for water

Ways to say good bye:
He first learned to waive months ago but now Ando is very international~
"Au revouir" followed by a waive
"BYE" is when he pretends he is leaving on his own
"Vaminous" is when he wants to leave
"Go-go" he exclaims with excitement when something rolls, goes, or he is on his bouncy toys.
He will also blow kisses

Now days away from 20 months his favorite words are:
"Bibiclye" obsessed with bicycles he mumbles this word at any moment in the day and will call any two wheeled vehicle this. Also true story when we were in France, Ando was asleep mumbling something. When I leaned over I heard him repeat over a couple times..."bibicle, bibicle"
"Car" even trucks are cars but loves the CAR. He will sit in Papa's car for hours if we let him and can recognize the model of Eric's car on the road and says Papa.  He also loves trying to open all car doors and if he has keys will try them on any car too.
"Yellow" not sure if he understands this color but he says it a lot.
"Coo.coo.coo" He imitates a sound of a chicken which Vilma has taken him to see on many walks next door.
"Ouch" when something hurts.
"Ah-oooooh" when he drops something or even throws it on the floor.

More to come but these are his favs. And of course he says "Mama" and "Dada" and "Papa!"

Oh and I almost forgot he loves to say "NO" and funny he has not learned to say "yes".


I haven't posted lately. This little guy has been keeping me BUSY!  When Ando turned 18 months things started to normalize for me. I think I have started to integrate my worlds and probably my hormones.  Ando is turning into a little person. Busy, moving, talking, doing....it's really fun but fills my world.

This shot is from a trip we took to Nevada City in August. Our last summer hurrah with Elka, Peter & Uli. Elka took this photo.  I think Ando is now showing his toddlerness. Such a boy. We stayed in the cowboy cabin~ notice Ando's shirt to match.  I better enjoy dressing him while I can. *wink.

30 August 2011

Baby Mosh Pit: Part II

More on Ando's Raver tendencies.....

Ando & Uli's Dance Moves

Last weekend we were in Nevada City for our last summer hurrah to swim in the Yuba River. We went with friends Elka, Peter and toddler Uli.

After a dinner we stopped in to see what the live music was all about. Ando & Uli hit the dance floor with their moves.

Uli is demonstrating 'Rocker Swaying" and Ando is more of the "Raver / Mosh Pit" kind of guy. It was truly a riot to see them memorized by some mediocre rock and roll losing their tired selves dancing away so unselfconsciously. I only wish I would have filmed all the people standing behind them watching them.

25 July 2011

A day in the life: bed time with Ando

We have this little game before bedtime. Ando brushes his teeth and then he knows it's almost bedtime. After he runs and jumps up on the bed and I chase him and pull him down and tickle him. He loves it! Just the phrase..."I'm going to get you..." gets him running and laughing hysterically. We both laugh and laugh every night before sleep. It's our little ritual.

22 June 2011

8th Street Park

Ando Powell Ando Powell Ando Powell Ando Powell Ando Powell Ando Powell Ando Powell Ando Powell IMG_4272IMG_4279IMG_4278IMG_4276

8th Street Park, a set on Flickr.

Now that Ando is more active I take him to the park more often. There is a little school by our house on 8th Street that we can walk too. He is not so active but likes to be pushed in the swing or put his hands through the holes on the play ground equipment and laughs and laughs when I grab his finger. The other day he was laughing so hard that all the other kids had to come see what was so funny. He loves to play in the sand. And if there is anything mechanical to do he can sit for 10 minutes and just move something around. He has learned to go down the slide but is still cautious and likes mom to hold his hands. When he goes down the slide himself he turns around and goes down on his tummy feet first and closes his eyes.