12 January 2010

BIG New Year!

It's a BIG new year! Speaking of big~ I think I am popping. Baby boy Higashi/Powell is growing fast now. What a surreal experience to have a BABY inside you. I say to Eric almost every day. "Eric there is a baby inside me....?!" Half in disbelief that this process is actually happening. I think that is what nature does, it keeps you in this surreal process and I'm not sure when I'll actually feel like it's reality. I'll let you know. Labor maybe? The other day I was holding my nephew and it still didn't compute. I turned to Eric and I said, "Hey we are going to have one of these."

I am trying to embrace BIG because I know that means he is coming soon. 6 1/2 more weeks and that is my expectant delivery date more or less. I can't wait to meet this little guy. He sure does pack a strong kick. God help me if he has half as much energy as Eric does, well I might be in trouble.

We been receiving gifts from our generous friends. This is one of my favorites, who can beat a hand made sweater. This is from Taylor who works with us. So cute~ it's going to be perfect for my stylish little man. I want him to stay this size for awhile just so he can keep wearing the sweater. Maybe my cat will get it as a hand me down. he.he.he.
Wishing you all a wonderful new year! I am thinking of all you on the adoption wait list. May this year bring you your child! And as I know the path is never straight it has many bends.