02 July 2008

My Nest

Our agency has received our dossier and it is now out of our hands. So time to nest.........

What does that mean?

-Reading blogs, and that can mean over doing it too. I just hit a new jack pot from ladybug's blog site. That gal, Lisa, has everyone on there that has/or is adopting from Kyrgyzstan. And I thought I was a prime time reader. I love when you find a new blog & they have already gotten your blog linked. This means: I'm not the only one watching all your cute little kids grow up and come home.

-Reading my daily yahoo Kyrgyzstan digest. This yahoo group is just great! Today I got special advise on what kind of formula to use and how to transition your baby from the baby house. That kind of stuff and more tiny tidbits to keep my self occupied & yes informed. I can't wait till we have a big reunion when we all have our Central Asia babies home. Everyone has been so supportive & great. BIG HUG & WARM THANKS!!!

-Making NEW work. I've started some drawings for new work for my jewelry. I have a goal to make a new body of work before baby o comes. I started last week, it was quite a heat wave, so instead of using this precious time in my studio, I laid on my couch reading Steppe Magazine, a georgious, designy, panorama of Central Asia.( did I say pricey?) I was absorbed by the beautiful photos & my god the contrast of daily life. My favorite story was about the Aral Sea and how the fisher men pray for REALLY cold winters. Why? So the ice would freeze 1.5 meters. Why? So that the ice will be strong enough to bring their camel on the outing to pull the fish out. Otherwise they have to do it themselves.

.... miles of white ice/bundled fishermen/camels with frost on their hair / a sled with hay for the camel / flounder laying on the ice.

Ok, well I'm on step #1 for new work, empty one's self out and fill with new things of interest. Well Central Asia seems to be on my mind so I'll start here.

- My Vow: I vow to edit my Wedding Celebration photos. We got married on the Winter Solstice of 2006 at SF City Hall with our mom's. (top secret mission)*wink. Then six months later had a big Wedding Celebration on the Summer Solstice '07. A truly amazing day of my life! Now one year later....I need to crack open those 700 photos and edit them and put a book together. Now or never right? A shot I like below: me & Sophia, the little red beauty.
- Save $: Well I'm proud to say; that me, Ms. Self-Employed Artist, I have only $10k left to save for the adoption. (So visualize ring sales.) Sigh....it was only at the beginning of this year I was wondering: How in the he"ck" or "ll" does one pay this much money for an adoption? Imagine a goal, it it will come....well I had to work hard for it but still it came & it can be found in savings account!! (pat..pat..pat on my back) OK thanks to Eric too, he helped pay all our mortgages so I could focus on saving. Give the job to the woman to save for ze baby! The man can pay for the nest!

-Build Baby's O's Nest: Well I'm getting to that. I wish I didn't like well designed things. I'm lusting for the Stokke Crib in walnut. I don't want the whole set but it's cool that it can evolve up to a small child's bed. (remember when one use to lust for boys or a new dress) But I'm refraining until the coffers are full. Well I have bought a few items of clothing for her & I did get a load of hand me downs, one being this snuggy little baby carrier from my friend Angelina (all hand dyed) that I tested it out with Yuko my favorite cat. (practice baby Yuko weighs 10 lbs so it's almost an actual simulation) She liked it. See what she has to put up with?
- And last: Enjoy my summer with Eric, our friends & family + of course & the cats.......Happy 4th everyone!

-Oh 2 more things...Tina gave me permission to Sleep In, which I am uh doing a bit anyhow.
-& very last- Sending Good Thoughts of Strength out to Barack Obama. It has been a very long 8 years. I'd love baby o to come in with Obama!