10 December 2008

All I want for Christmas...

This is the most beautiful package I can imagine getting for Christmas. This photo is of another adoptive family's baby girl who is with my agency. I just can't get over how they wrapped her up. I got permission to post her photo, and this little girl has made it back to her new home in the states. And she is a beauty.

Kyrgyzstan was a republic of Russia so you can see the Russian doll influence here. What I love about this photo is that they probably just grabbed a blanket to wrap her up in and set her down on another. It may be unknowingly artful.

Dear Santa, that is what I want for Christmas: Bring us a referral for baby o in the new year, pretty please.

I have to say that I have been a bit discouraged. Eric & I have been waiting over a year now & tick, tick, I am getting older. We are somewhere between #5 - #6 on the list for a girl. The numbers keep fluctuating due to the emotions of other adoptive parents switching programs because of the long wait. It can bump us backwards if they signed up with the agency before us.

I did hear some good news today, that the Ministry of Education has approved a new adoption committee in Tokmok. So things may start moving again in January.

I have been so busy with my business during the holidays I figure that I'll readdress my options in January with the new year. I have to say that I still am attached to Kyrgyzstan and have thought of the country and baby o every day.

OK so maybe there is a tiny part of me that is glad I am not traveling to Central Asia in the dead of winter. But I would have done it. Maybe I'd have gotten that Norma Kamali sleeping bag coat but I would have gone.
Happy Holidays......may your holidays be merry & bright!

I personally am looking forward to the New Year! ---Next year is the year, I can just feel it.