27 May 2010

Ando Mika ~ 3 Months Old

When Ando was inside the womb. I use to call him Mika as his nickname which mean New Moon. I watched my belly, a flat mound like new moon and with every week grow fuller and fuller. After we found the name Ando I kept getting the feeling while he was inside me that he was a funny guy. Ando Higashi Powell just seemed so serious. So we added his nickname...Mika which lighted it up a bit.

Today Ando Mika is 3 months old today....and as you can see he is a funny guy with lots to say. Scroll down for my experimental movie making, where you can see more of his personality.You'll see why we needed Mika in his name.

And now
Andosan...The Movie

16 May 2010

Ando Cat

Do all parents look at their kid and say...OMG he's just so damn cute? Well I'm not saying I said that but here are some new photos. Ando is 2 1/2 month old and 11lbs. He is following people with his eyes, reaching, grabbing, and along with cooing~ he is squealing with delight! We feel lucky to have his fun & sweet personality. Well most of the time, except when he is hungry look out! He can get MAD. But let's go back to cute & funny! Enjoy...

But isn't he so damn cute!

10 May 2010

My first Mother's day with Andosan...

My first Mother's Day! I felt kind of emotional knowing what a long path I have been on to be a mom. To be honest I was kind of weepy today. But happy to see my sweet boy in my arms.

We visited my dear friend June Schwarcz who is 92 this year for this special day of celebration and introduced her to Ando. She is my friend / mentor and we adopted her as family! We met when I was 30 and she was 80. It was at her 80th retrospective and I went up to tell her I admired her work. But instead we started complimenting each other about the other's skirt. We both loved clothes, enamel, art! A match was made immediately. Three months later I started working with June. April & June. We are fifty years apart and I never think of her as an old lady. She is who I hope to be when I grow up.

So sweet to see her holding Ando. I am so happy she got to meet him and hold him. I felt teary seeing the two of them together 92 years apart, the oldest person and the youngest person I love dearly!

On another note......Look out I just got an iphone with video! Here is my smiley Andosan and my very first editing attempt with imovie.

I made this for my mom for mother's day who is on the East coast and does not get to see him as much as she'd like. We wish she was closer to see him growing like a weed. He misses his Grandma Joyce but will see her for her birthday in July.

Really this is kind of silly but I'll get better. I literally worked on this for a few minutes. So enjoy!