30 August 2011

Baby Mosh Pit: Part II

More on Ando's Raver tendencies.....

Ando & Uli's Dance Moves

Last weekend we were in Nevada City for our last summer hurrah to swim in the Yuba River. We went with friends Elka, Peter and toddler Uli.

After a dinner we stopped in to see what the live music was all about. Ando & Uli hit the dance floor with their moves.

Uli is demonstrating 'Rocker Swaying" and Ando is more of the "Raver / Mosh Pit" kind of guy. It was truly a riot to see them memorized by some mediocre rock and roll losing their tired selves dancing away so unselfconsciously. I only wish I would have filmed all the people standing behind them watching them.