11 October 2009

20 Weeks...

Half way there! Wow pregnancy it is still surreal. A baby human is growing inside me. We had our 20 week ultra sound and looks like he is developing as they say "normal". Which is good! I'm feeling better (finally!). I had major, major nausea and unlike most ideas of being pregnant, and enjoying eating away, food just hasn't been my favorite part of the day. I think the strangest symptom of pregnancy has been an acute sense of smell. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But eating is getting better and my belly is getting bigger.

Today I had my first stranger ask me when I was due so I guess I am passing the April's putting on some weight vs. pregnant mark. Below is my favorite ultra sound photo......a little hand. I have felt slight movement but still waiting for the first real kick. He's growing!

p.s. Just as I am writing this I am feeling someone knocking from inside my belly. He knows I'm writing about him.