20 October 2010

Happy Child

Ok so I think I birthed the most extroverted child. He loves people, younger babies are his new thing. This boy is so excited to interact. I went to Berkeley bowl last week and Ando was strapped into the cart. I could only move a half isle at a time and then he catch someone's eye and they come up to us. He loves siting in my arms faced out so he can interact with people and see what is going on. He's a happy child!

09 October 2010

Notes from Papa

Ando is sleeping ok, still waking up 3-4 times a night, I'm suppose to sleep train him. But the doctor said don't do it until you can keep it consistent. I am waiting until we build his room which I hope is SOON....he get's up anytime between 5:30-7am. Mostly it is around 6am which is well, TOO early. Since I am the one who gets up with him during the night the deal is when he is awake and ready to play. That is when I hand him to Eric and he gets up with him. This is his time with Papa. I go back to sleep.

Eric has been filming and drawing Ando since he was born. This was an espically nice journal entry about him. I love it besides the fact Ando looks like a toddler. NOT YET, your still my baby. Well kind of. 7 months and doing well!