09 May 2011

My 2nd Mother's Day.....

This is a photo I got for mother's day.....Love my boys! Big Papa & Little Papa!

(p.s. the little sign is a talking bubble)

Tulum Family Vacay 2011

Visiting the Yucatan with our friends Elka, Peter & baby Uli. Our hot, humid, international family beach vacation where two small families 'try' to find R&R with their 14 month year boys. (Get ready for a lot of photos of Ando in the sand and if your really bored watch our videos~these are for the grandparents)

IMG_4454IMG_4387IMG_4388IMG_4390IMG_4392IMG_4391 IMG_4394IMG_4403IMG_4400IMG_4396IMG_4405IMG_4406 IMG_4407IMG_4409IMG_4410IMG_4412IMG_4413IMG_4420 IMG_4416IMG_4417IMG_4421IMG_4422IMG_4423IMG_4424