10 April 2011

Ando's Groovin' & First His Words

Ando is just over 13 months. He is big 25.5 lbs. And more like the size of an 18month old. He is in the 90% for height. 70% for weight. He loves music. His Papa has played music to him ever since he was wee. It's super adorable to see him grooving to the tunes. We caught a little of it on this video:

He is also saying a few words. Besides an occasional Mama or Dada.....His first sentence is in Spanglish. He says...'Esta light'. He thinks 'Esta' is a light and will point in the air towards the ceiling when you say 'Esta?' He knows we respond when he says 'esta' so he babels away with his baby talk adding it in....example; da bah bah 'esta' da ba da 'esta', and then wait for us to acknowledge him in conversation. Then smiles so proud of himself.

He also says 'nana' for banana. And just learned how to shake his head 'no' when he does not want something. He is starting to know he has power in the world. It is a great and sometimes frustrating thing for all of us. Mostly it is great seeing this little guy turn into a little boy. It's hard to remember he was a wee baby not so long ago.