23 August 2010

5 months & on the way to 6 months

The months have been flying by. In about a little over a week Ando will be 6 months old. We had a re-shoot with our photographer Leon that had photographed Ando at 3 months. We were lucky Leon had us back, Ando peed all over his fabric, backdrop, carpet etc. Leon said he'd have to have a man to man talk with my wee man before the second shoot. Ando lost it with exhaustion the first shoot, before we got a good mama son photo. So this 5 month shoot I had many that I loved to choose from.

Ando is SO much fun! We couldn't ask for a happier baby. I like to say to him everyday..."Ando try to be in a good mood today." He is eating food and actually was so excited his first few meals he would scream in between bites. Shortly after learning to eat he weaned himself from breast feeding. At first I was sad and tried to prolong it but then I realized. Ando is so his own person. I need to respect who he is. And now I'm totally fine with it. And he never looked back. I have a theory that Ando is so ready to be a toddler and infancy just wasn't for him. From the second he popped out he was wide eyed and knew what he wanted.

He loves people, the more the better. He is so happy to interact with anyone. Even if he sees a non kid loving person. Ando will try to engage them by smiling at them and looks perplexed if they don't smile back. Then he'll try again. And then with no response go back to kicking and playing.

We went to Hawaii in July and boarding the plane Ando was facing forward in his carrier. Walking down the aisle I saw everyone seated on both sides of the plane smiling back at us. I looked down and Ando was turning his head to the left and then to the right and back again. He really knows how to engage with people. Or in this case should I say...work the crowd.

Both Eric and I have a great relationship with him. I love how he lights up when I enter a room and look at him. That said I am very happy that he is so generous with his joy and feels secure enough to go to anyone at this point. I love my Andosan. It just keeps getting better.

Ando has learned to crawl backwards. By this I mean he lays on his back and scoots backwards. He can pretty much travel across the whole length of the room if we let him. I can only imagine how active he'll be once he starts crawling and walking.

We got some nice family photos too this round. I was so happy to get these too. Let me know which one you like?
#3#4#56 months ~ right around the corner...

all photos: Leon Borensztein