28 April 2009

Dear Universe,

We have gone through the motions of investigating domestic adoption, interviewing agencies, finding out what it would take to convert our home study, adoption attorneys....etc, etc. Let alone the pragmatics, I tell you the hard thing for me / us is the emotional switch over.

I even made a blog for the "Dear Birthmother" or as I have learned the even more PC term is "Dear Expectant Mother". I had fun doing all the collages so I thought I'd share them with you. Eric did the writing and it is live, but since I am not certain we are actually going through with starting domestic adoption. I'll wait to share it. It feels so strange to be marketing ourselves? I don't know why, we do it all the time on our art to make a living. Somehow I am waiting for more wisdom from the Universe!
I'm listening....

For now I'll share our life in photos:

Our home, my studio, Eric's office & my gallery all reside under this roof!

Daily morning walks at the marina, owls and our cats.

Eric's studio, his public art projects, gates & sculpture.

My jewelry, my bench, my gallery.

My family, my dad's from Hawaii, my warm spirited mom, my grandfather's painting, my brother and me as kids.

Eric's family, the Powell Brother's singing trio; Rob, Eric, Charlie, Eric's Pa Jim with our niece Eden, Mama Carla with niece Anu. My sister in laws Diane & Jess, a.k.a. ARIES GALS!

Our extended family on both sides at our wedding celebration.

Travel Adventures to Japan to see dear friends.

Just us in our spare time while we wait for news from the universe about where our baby will come from.

And don't worry there are plenty of images lining the side of us with kids in our lives...these are only the collages.

I do, and then see what feels right. I am not good at just deciding on an idea and then going for it. I need to feel my way into it and I usually feel a click. I'm pretty intuitive and something is telling me to wait. So I am.

Hey up there, I am listening Universe...I'm not getting any younger Universe, just so you know.