16 July 2010

4 months old ~ "my little Kook-a-nogin"

I am posting this a wee bit late~ but these photos were taken on his 4 month birthday. It has been a joke in our house that I say pass me his little sock, hand me his little shirt, get me his little shoe. But one thing that I don't say is look at that little head. We call him Kook-a-nogin as one of our nicknames. It is from a Jonathan Richmond song but we changed the world Kook-a-nockin to Kook-a-nogin. But isn't it a cute head indeed?

Stats are in from his four month old check up which confirm it. Head 45cm 97%! Yeah Ando good work. His weight was 14lbs 14oz putting him in the 50%. His height was 25.5" 75%. So the question is....if his weight is in the 50% and his head is 97%, just how much does that head weigh? And is that why he is progressing more slowly in sitting up? Not that we really care it's just fun to think about.

He's our little Kook-a-nogin. The song goes...

Kook-a-nogin, Kook-a-nogin, I love you.
Kook-a-nogin, Kook-a-nogin, I need you.
Kook-a-nogin, Kook-a-nogin, oh oh oh ohhhhhhh......