16 April 2012

Tahoe Woods // April 2012

Tahoe_Woods_4_2012, a set on Flickr.
We spent a long weekend with dear friends at their lovely Tahoe Woods home. Kenan, Jaymie and baby Solah! It was such a treat to lounge around in our pi's, nap, eat amazing food and take a few excursions to play in the snow.

The most wonderful thing about having friends that span over time is you get to see their lives unfold. It was very special for us to see our boy's playing together.

The atmosphere was also lovely, modern, with amazing panoramic views. Who can complain....we are grateful for our friendship and to have time and memories like this.

Oh and we also snuck in a small birthday celebration for me. That was nice. Simple and sweet. Ando sang me Happy Birthday. However I think he thought the cake was for him.

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